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The Worst Fear
People going in and out,
But he stays in the same spot.
He fears…
Children growing up,
Years are passing by.
He fears…
Friends leave him behind,
On him they´ve turned their back.
He fears…
Now he only has,
A book to spend his time;
A rose as a reminder,
Of that wonderful past.
Now he only has,
A chair to sit and wait;
Some portraits to remember,
The beauty life used to have
And he fears…
The unavoidable loneliness.
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 2 10
HBD dear L
Put your hands up!
I´ll put mine too.
Now I want to celebrate with you!
Get a smile on your face!
I will smile as well.
Happiness will fill you today!
Now it´s time to shout out!
I will shout so loud.
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 0 2
I´ve begun to wonder,
I´ve begun to doubt.
Whether it´s all worth it,
Or I should not fight.
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 1 7
Angel of my Dreams
You, angel of my dreams,
Can´t you just appear?
Night by night I feel you near.
Day by day you fade away.
You, Illusion of my mind,
What can I do to make you real?
Night by night I hear your voice.
Day by day it disappears.
Smile while I´m asleep,
Fill me with that joy.
Take my hand dear,
Dream with me ´bout this love.
You, angel of my dreams....
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 3 21
RAINBOW by yumbulunnosthas RAINBOW :iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 2 5
Delicious sin,
Tempting his heart.
He decided to play God,
Looking for eternity.
Cruel time vanishing beauty.
If he only…
Blue eyes searching adventure.
If he only…
Youth boiling his blood.
If he only could live forever…
Defying nature,
He made a pact,
And decided to play God,
Getting so eternity.
The sin would no longer matter.
His heart was completely poisoned.
Sinning. Playing.
He already had eternity…
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 2 8
She screams,
She scrams with terror,
But nobody listens,
Because nobody cares.
Nightmares come to her.
Confusion takes her mind.
She is alone in her world.
Because her voice isn´t heard.
Now running,
She tries to reach a safe place.
But she never gets there.
She´s moving no where.
Voice without meaning.
Legs with no movement.
Despair everywhere.
Incomprehension is her name...
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 3 2
Baby when you´re gone,
I promise not to suffer.
I´ll remain still,
And memories will fill my mind
If you see a tear,
Running down my cheek,
Don´t forget to smile,
Remember when I used to laugh.
Giggles were our bond,
Our harts could never be apart.
In dreams we´ll be together.
I´ll fantasize you´re by my side.
I need to think,
And so believe,
That you´re still close,
To me…
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 3 9
You won´t have to give me anything,
I can assure you I have no doubts,
That your heart belongs to me,
From a long time.
Insanity has knocked my door,
And I swear I´m fighting,
For I know you´ll be back,
To calm my grieved heart.
Now I´ll ask you,
For just one promise….
Don´t suffer.
Don´t let them hurt you.
Because the only thing,
That could ever harm me,
That could defeat me,
Is you, your pain.
Don´t tear my heart,
Please don´t forget,
That it beats for you,
Because you´re my life…
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 5 25
In one second can be taken away,
By one word
From your lips…
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 2 3
A hug, for every waking up,
Without you by my side.
A kiss, for every day,
My arms can´t hold you tight.
A rose, for every time I blink,
But I can´t see YOU.
A star, for every second,
I´m being forced away from you.
Those are the things I´ll give you,
When I finally reach you.
In the end you will have my heart,
Without conditions...
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 3 15
Please, let me show you what this is,
Take my hand and you will see.
Yes sweet,
Could you say it one more time?
The word just seems to be alive.
Come on,
Now you know how to pronounce it,
And in your lips it will remain,
For I´ll be the tool
When my lips kiss yours,
And my arms embrace you.
When we fight over nothing,
And make up showing the love.
You will taste it.
You will feel it.
You will suffer from its burns,
But enjoy its benefits.
Now delight me with that sound.
Delight me with your
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 1 8
Life is beautiful.
There might be millions of viscitudes
But I´ll enjoy the crying while I have the chance
Becase good things are coming
And I won´t have to shed one again
If it´s not because I´m laughing.
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 3 6
Smiling to the camera
There´s people talking.
I hear them whisper.
It´s about me.
Shoud I care what they say?
Should it hurt?
My friends are joining,
to judge my life,
my bad decisions and what I am.
It amuses me what they say.
By now it doesn´t seem to harm me.
In this big scenario,
where my life is for now a show,
I will let them enjoy.
Should I care?
Should it hurt?
I´m amused.
I´m not harmed.
So...I´ll just smile to the camera!
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 2 0
The lack of inspiration
Was killing me,
While my hand couldn´t write.
In that very moment,
I could find out
That time does not always fly.
Time can lose its wings
And I discovered it´s up to me,
Crazy as it sounds it is.
I understand the irony of life.
Feelings I don´t want distroy wings
But when I´m filled with joy time takes revange.
It fast
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 1 0
You are a little girl,
Fighting against the world,
You just try to find your way.
What a shame you haven´t noticed….
Miles and miles are left to walk,
Don´t give up love,
Don´t look back.
What a shame you haven´t noticed….
I understand how hard it is,
Keep on walking
You´ll almost there.
What a shame you haven´t noticed….
When you´re standing in the dark,
please sweet don´t be afraid
for you´re not alone and you´ll never be.
Come on girl haven´t you noticed,
How much you shine,
that darkness will never get you
for you have your own light.
Come on girl haven´t you noticed,
How this isn´t a failure,
That the fight is getting started
But it takes courage to keep on fighting.
You will fly in the end.
Fly so high!
Above your problems.
:iconyumbulunnosthas:yumbulunnosthas 4 13


CT- Gunfighter Angel by HikariNinjaX CT- Gunfighter Angel :iconhikarininjax:HikariNinjaX 5 2 Black Swanna by tobiie Black Swanna :icontobiie:tobiie 122 42 Santa's Little Helpers by cherriuki Santa's Little Helpers :iconcherriuki:cherriuki 3,773 430 Brom by arnecke Brom :iconarnecke:arnecke 125 33 are so me by floriaiglenoir are so me :iconfloriaiglenoir:floriaiglenoir 66 96 El valiente by ElenaDudina El valiente :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 4,913 1,245 Kleo chibi by lunatikcandylover Kleo chibi :iconlunatikcandylover:lunatikcandylover 5 13 flower in a bottle by mafermoreno flower in a bottle :iconmafermoreno:mafermoreno 1 8 Commish:Jake and Dillon2 by doubleleaf Commish:Jake and Dillon2 :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 1,021 86 I dream of jeannie by spoofdecator I dream of jeannie :iconspoofdecator:spoofdecator 14 16
21 grams lighter.
If you were to kill someone, who would it be?
Today I came up with the answer to that question, and so I did it.
I killed someone.
I killed my fat self. I stabbed her, once and again. Oh, what a pleasure! Her blood now decorates the walls of my heart.
Yes, I feel empty without her, but it's a nice emptiness, one that gives me purity.
I am no longer tarnished by food. I am finally the conqueror of my world, of my body.
I no longer cry in disgust towards myself. Instead, the silence is broken by the roar of my people, inhabiting my stomach.
I am a cruel ruler, I'm starving them to death, because fatty is no longer around to feed them.
I feel empty, but pure.
                    The only thing left is to bury the corpse.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 12 28
Reflections in Detention
Sir, you wound my heart, my tender heart, my piteous soul with your unfounded accusations! I demand that justice be done unto me, sir! A fair trial and a testimony at the very least, sir!
He sucked the tip of his pen, and nodded to himself. That sounded desperate enough - but not overly irate.
I assure you that I had absolutely no intention to commit such a nefarious crime! Lady Luck was not in a kind mood yesterday, and you must understand that it was completely out of the hands of mortal men.
But, good sir, the great river of destiny pulls me towards the sea of self-reflection and self-improvement, and who am I to resist the current of fate that drags me like a ragdoll in its wake? My dear old great-great-grandfather once said to me, "Child, it is the predestined agony of mortal men to exist in a world where their futile efforts to right inevitable wrongs constitute only a steaming, stinky pile of defecation. But of course, the inexperienced minds of tender youths cannot co
:iconaryl5:aryl5 2 3
Ly Rouzon contest entry by HikariNinjaX Ly Rouzon contest entry :iconhikarininjax:HikariNinjaX 3 5 Twilight Unicorn by Manwathiell Twilight Unicorn :iconmanwathiell:Manwathiell 513 302
After Ten Years
Because after ten years of practice,
I can finally say it without blushing;
Without changing subject;
Without biting my tongue;
Without ripping off my nails;
Without running away.
After ten years I can finally say it.
But after ten years,
There's nobody to say it to.
Because after ten years,
You're already gone.
:iconministreetmaster:ministreetmaster 30 22



El Salvador
well...u know...just me....oh no! children too!! haha I like the picture....I look inocent xD

no internet :/

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Well this is a short journal!!! :iconimthinkingplz:
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well thats it!! just dont forget to check out my friends gallery and mine too please!! :D
:iconlunatikcandylover: (great drawings)
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:iconalexgamero: (super nice poems)

well!! bye bye!! :blowkiss:


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